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  • cmeditor

    CMEditor is a simple way to use the popular CodeMirror web editor in grails applications. You can use it to edit pretty much anything that can be mapped to a file-like object. I.e. something with a filename and text-content. If your model requires additional fields this is supported, too. For example managing your library could be done by mapping filename to "Frank Tr��������ger - CMEditor". The tabbed editor then could manage everything: Author, title, publication year and - of course - the books content in a nice-to-use CodeMirror editor. You could even edit multiple books simultaneously. Check out our demo grails project at

    2.7.8 published May 13, 2019 by frnktrgr

  • grails-gscripting

    Run Groovy scripts in Grails

    1.1.0 published Nov 9, 2018 by frnktrgr

  • grails-pushover

    Provides easy access to Pushover API

    1.0.2 published Dec 22, 2016 by frnktrgr

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