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Grails wschat plugin

Owner: vahid | 3.0.16 | Mar 31, 2016 | Package | Issues | Source | License: Apache-2.0

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:grails-wschat-plugin:3.0.16'



Grails websocket chat Plugin provides a multi-chat room add-on to an existing grails based site/application.

How to install
Configuration variables required
3.0.9 must have these configuration items to work
Version info
Creating admin accounts
Customised chat menus for your chat users
Customise fonts chat output through css
How to use configure Live chat & Chat Bot
Add profile with taglib connection call
Chat room booking/reservations
WebtRTC WebCam walk through
WebtRTC File sharing
Integrating with existing grails application
Videos on youtube:
  1. Video: grails app running wschat 0.14 part1

  2. Video: grails app running wschat 0.14 part2

  3. Video: Client/Server Messaging part 1. Earlier version focus on backend control of socket messages. So the backend of your application. Override a service for this. Explained in links further below.

  4. Video: Client/Server Messaging part 2 (Messages via websockets to frontend). In short update frontend via websocket callbacks.

  5. Video: 1.12 Chat room booking/reservations

  6. Video: 1.22 Multiple login with same Chat user and TicTacToe

  7. Video 1.23 Add Live chat to your grails application

  8. Video 1.23-SNAPSHOT1 Live chat Logs BOT Artificial Intelligence and more

  9. Video 1.24 Chat BOT now working in chat rooms, returning responses and banning/kicking users

  10. Video 1.25 LiveChat (1 room multiple users with 1 admin interacting with all)

  11. Video 3.0.6 1.27 LiveChat monitoring and changing live chat style/colours

  12. Video 3.0.9 Spring security

Chat Commands
STUN Server, setting up your own server & WebRTC-terminology
0.10+ & resources based apps (pre 2.4)
ChatClientEndPoint Client/Server Messaging new feature since 1.11
How to screen capture
Chat to DB
1.13 Offline Messaging - enable override
demo sites
Known issues
Thanks to
Grails wschat release/feature summary:
3.0.6/1.27 	- Major tidyup removed most ajax processing besides popup pages. 
			  Added css/internationlisation customisation
3.0.5/1.26	- Tidy up with new look and new feature to monitor Live Chat requests
3.0.4/1.25  - Live Chat Many users to 1 admin (Video 10).

3.0.3/1.24  - ChatBot and badWords added to the main chat room

3.0.3/1.23  - Live Chat feature added as part of the plugin(watch video 7)

3.0.3/1.21  - Websocket TicTacToe game added (Watch video 6)

3.0.3/1.20  - Multiple login with same user but must be different rooms - removal of dbSupport check

1.18 -  Mediastreaming enabled but has not worked for me 
1.17  - Websocket -> WebRTC File sharing peer2peer available -  
1.12  - Chat room bookings for multiple participants
1.0+  - Supports WebRTC currently only on Chrome Canary.

0.19+ - Supports webcam tested  on chrome/firefox.

Admin can:  kick/Ban (for specified time period)
Users can create profiles define details and upload photos.
Chat rooms can be created in Config.groovy +/ DB once logged in using UI.

You can websocket :
	send files / use webRTC technology to have video chat or share screen
	play Tictactoe / noughts + crosses
	Live chat - set up a client easily and monitor live chats
	Configure chat bookings / invite external attendees (emails)