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Grails Plugin to Monitor Schwartz- or Quartz Plugin Jobs

Owner: symentis | 2.0.2 | Mar 1, 2019 | Package | Issues | Source | Documentation | License: Apache-2.0

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:schwartz-monitor:2.0.2'


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Schwartz Monitor Plugin for Grails

This plugin is a fork of the quartz-monitor plugin and supports the Grails Quartz and Grails Schwartz plugins.

It allows you to view and administer all your Quartz job services in the web-ui.


This plugin requires the Grails Quartz or Grails Schwartz and Asset Pipeline plugins to run.


Add the plugin to your build.gradle dependencies:

dependencies {
   compile "org.grails.plugins:schwartz-monitor:2.0.2"


Once you have the schwartz-monitor plugin installed and have created some job services, start your application and access the URL: http://localhost:8080/yourapp/quartz and you will find a list of all the Quartz job services you have created.

Enhanced Experience

To have the page keep you constantly up to date requires jQuery. It will still work without jQuery, but it won't look as good.


There are various configuration options, all start with quartz.monitor:


Allows you to change the sitemesh layout that page will use. Defaults to 'main'.


If this is set to true, then the names of the triggers will be shown in the list - useful if you have multiple triggers for the same job.


Will add javascript to the page in order to show a countdown to when the job will fire next, unless this is set to 'false'.


Will add javascript to the page in order to show a clock with the current time, unless this is set to 'false'.

URL Mapping the Controller

By default, the plugin does not set an URL-Mapping for the Schwartz Controller. Add a url-mapping to your URLMappings.groovy file:


Securing the Controller

If you use a security plugin (Spring-Security-Core, etc), you must ensure the controller methods are secured. E.g. when using Spring-Security-Core, add a rule which is appropriate for your security needs:

[pattern:'/quartz/**',              access:['ROLE_ADMIN']]



Compared to the quartz-monitor plugin, this plugin is agnostic to the used quartz plugin, as it relies on Quartz itself and does not extend any quartz-plugin factories. Its implemented to register a org.quartz.JobListener, which listens to all Job tasks. This listener updates Job metrics in the QuartzMonitorService, which also provides additional figures like the startTime of a Job.