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Grails jasper plugin

Owner: puneetbehl | 2.1.0 | Mar 8, 2019 | Package | Issues | Source | Documentation | License: Apache-2.0

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:jasper:2.1.0'


Grails Jasper Plugin

Build Status


For usage information, please see

How to build this plugin

run 'grailsw package-plugin'

It will create a plugin archive.

Releasing a new version of this plugin

  1. In JasperGrailsPlugin.groovy, set the plugin version to a non-snapshot version number (ex 1.6.1)
  2. run 'grailsw publish-plugin --stacktrace'
  3. Update the plugin version in JasperGrailsPlugin.groovy to be a snapshot (ex "1.6.2-SNAPSHOT")