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Use Twitter API to read and write twitter data

Owner: novadge | 0.2.4 | Feb 14, 2018 | Package | Issues | Source | License: Apache-2.0

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:twitter:0.2.4'


Twitter service


The Twitter service plug-in allows a grails application to use twitter API to read and write twitter data Eg. post tweets, retrieve tweets, send direct messages, etc.


Add `compile 'org.grails.plugins:twitter:0.1.6'` to your build.gradle file

Side note

You have to retrieve twitter credentials from in order to use their API. Go to [] to create an app and retrieve the necessary API keys and access tokens


twitterService provides several methods for interactions with twitter API.

Inject twitterService into your controller

def twitterService

class MyController{ def twitterService }

Inside your controller action, retrieve a twitter object like this:

def myCustomerAction(){    
    String consumerKey = [YOUR_TWITTER_APP_CONSUMER_KEY]
    String consumerSecret = [YOUR_TWITTER_APP_CONSUMER_SECRET]
    String accessToken = [TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN]
    String accessTokenSecret = [TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET]
    Map twitterProps = [consumerKey:consumerKey,consumerSecret:consumerSecret,
    // post a tweet
    Map twitterParams = [text:"Hello twitter"]
    twitterService.updateStatus(twitterParams, twitterProps)
    // delete a tweet
    twitterParams = [statusId:'THE_TWEET_ID']
    twitterService.destroyStatus(twitterParams, twitterProps)
    // retrieve a single tweet
    twitterParams = [statusId:'THE_TWEET_ID']
    twitterService.showStatus(twitterParams, twitterProps)
    // send direct message
    twitterParams = [recipientId:'TWITTER_USER_ID',text:"Hello friend"]
    twitterService.sendDirectMessage(twitterParams, twitterProps)
    // get direct messages
    twitterParams = [count:5]


And so much more you could do ......

Do not forget to fork the project, fix bugs, or add features :)