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Grails mail plugin

Owner: grails | 3.0.0 | Oct 22, 2019 | Package | Issues | Source | Documentation | License: Apache-2.0

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:mail:3.0.0'


The Grails mail plugin provides a convenient DSL for sending email. It supports plain text, html, attachments, inline resources and i18n among other features. Build Status

Mail can be sent using the @[email protected] via the @[email protected] method. Here is an example…

mailService.sendMail {
   to "[email protected]","[email protected]"
   from "[email protected]"
   cc "[email protected]", "[email protected]"
   bcc "[email protected]"
   subject "Hello John"
   text 'this is some text'

Please see the User Guide for more information.

The plugin is released under the Apache License 2.0 and is produced under the Grails Plugin Collective.


  • 3.x - Compatible with Grails 4
  • 2.x - Compatible with Grails 3
  • 1.x - Compatible with Grails 2


Issues can be raised via GitHub Issues.


Pull requests are the preferred method for submitting contributions. Please open an issue via that issue tracker link above and create an issue describing what your contribution addresses.

If you are contributing documentation, raising an issue is not necessary.