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  • asynchronous-mail

    The plugin realises asynchronous mail sending. It stores messages in a DB and sends them asynchronously by a quartz job.

    2.0.0.RC7 published Feb 24, 2017 by kefirsf

  • cookie

    Grails Cookie Plugin

    2.0.5 published Apr 21, 2016 by ctoestreich

  • grails-isomorphic

    Grails Isomorphic Rendering Plugin

    1.2 published Dec 2, 2016 by zacharyklein

  • grails-sendgrid

    Grails SendGrid Plugin

    2.0.1 published Aug 25, 2016 by desirable-objects

  • grails-vaadin-plugin

    Vaadin plugin for Grails.

    2.0.1 published May 23, 2017 by ondrej-kvasnovsky

  • grails3-cors-interceptor

    Add Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) headers for Grails 3 applications.

    v1.2.1 published Oct 28, 2016 by appcela

  • i18n-enums

    Successor for the Grails 2.x plugin. Now ported to Grails 3.x

    2.0.2 published Oct 2, 2016 by sbglasius

  • modninfobip

    Infobip SMS Grails plugin

    1.0.2 published Aug 31, 2016 by modnsolutions

  • mongodb

    GORM for MongoDB

    6.1.4 published Sep 12, 2017 by grails

  • org.grails.plugins:gorm-envers

    The gorm-envers Grails plugin add auditting functionality to GROM in your Grails application using Hibernate Envers. The only thing you need to do is add @Audited annotation to the Domain Class that you want to audit. Hibernate Envers will create audit table in the Database for the annotated domain and log all change history.

    0.3 published Aug 9, 2015 by yingliang-du

  • org.grails.plugins:grails3-cas-client

    3.0 published Jun 3, 2015 by cwang

  • org.grails.plugins:grooscript

    Grooscript Grails 3 Plugin

    1.3.0 published May 19, 2017 by chiquitinxx

  • postgresql-extensions

    This plugin provides hibernate user types to support for Postgresql Native Types like Array, HStore, JSON,… as well as new criterias to query this native types.

    5.2.0 published Nov 3, 2017 by kaleidos

  • queuekit

    Queuekit is a plugin for grails which uses TaskExecutor with Spring Events for grails 2 and for grails 3 using default `Reactor` events to manage concurrent submitted reports.

    1.10 published Nov 2, 2016 by vahid

  • rabbitmq-native

    A messaging plugin for Grails 3 using RabbitMQ. This plugin gives application authors a powerful framework to quickly get a scalable messaging solution running quickly.

    3.4.4 published Oct 17, 2017 by budjb

  • springws

    Spring WS Plugin for Grails 3

    3.0.2 published Jun 20, 2016 by dmahapatro

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