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Grails RemoteSSH Plugin

Owner: vahid | 3.0.6 | Sep 22, 2016 | Package | Issues | Source | License: Apache-2.0

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:remotessh:3.0.6'



Grails RemoteSSH Plugin based on Ganymed SSH-2 library : Provides ( RemoteSSH + exec command ) (RemoteSCP) (RemoteSCPDir) (RemoteSCPGet)

Dependency Grails 2:

	compile ":remote-ssh:0.7"

Grails 2 source

Dependency Grails 3 (build.gradle):

	compile "org.grails.plugins:remotessh:3.0.6"

Grails 3 source

For websocket live ssh connection / interaction:

Check out : jssh

Config.groovy variables required:

Configure SSH and SCP by adding properties to grails-app/conf/Config.groovy under the "remotessh" key:

//Option set a global username to access ssh through to remote host
//If you are going to define user from above commands then leave it with empty speach marks
remotessh.USER = "USER"

//The password leave blank if you are about to use SSH Keys, otherwise provide password to ssh auth

//The ssh key is your id_rsa or id_dsa - please note your tomcat will need access/permissions to file/location

//If you use a key pass for your key connections then provide it below

//The ssh port to connect through if not given will default to 22

Youtube video walking through 0.3

older method TestController calling RemoteSSH Grails 2

older method TestController calling RemoteSSH Grails 3

0.3+ gsp taglib call : run remote command

0.3+ gsp taglib call : remote SCP Directory

0.3+ gsp taglib call : remote SCP File

0.3+ gsp taglib call : remote SCP Get File

0.3+ gsp taglib call : run remote command + reuse connection

Shell script example:

Demo site grails 2.4.4 remote-ssh:0.3

Demo site grails 3.0.1 remote-ssh:3.0.1

Version Info

0.5 :   typo: constraints - further clean up of code
0.4 : 	Removed Map validateParams out and introduced src/groovy/RsshValidate - updated all calls to use new bean for validation.
		Added try catch around new service methods - messages now caught and sent to frontend - no more stacktraces using new service.
0,3 : 	Implementation of RsshService + RsshTagLib easier/alternative calls to access plugin
0.2 : 	Tidyup and throwables added by Tobias Tschech
0.1 : 	Initial release - using src/groovy calls - a lot of tidy up by Burt Beckwith