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Grails 3.x Audit-Logging Plugin.

Owner: robertoschwald | 3.0.1 | Aug 7, 2018 | Package | Issues | Source | Documentation | License: Apache-2.0

dependencies {
    compile 'org.grails.plugins:audit-logging:3.0.1'


Grails Audit Logging Plugin

The Audit Logging plugin for Grails adds generic event based Audit Logging to a Grails project.

The master branch holds the codebase for plugin version 3.0.x (Grails 3.3.x).

For older Grails versions, see "Supported Grails Versions" below.


Supported Grails versions


You need to perform "grails audit-quickstart <package> <DomainClass>" after installing this plugin's version(s) and later. See issue #13

With this, you get an auditlog domain class in your project which is fully under your control. The domain name is registered in your application.groovy with key "grails.plugins.auditLog.auditDomainClassName".


grails audit-quickstart org.example.myproject MyAuditLogEvent

Issue Management

See GitHub Issues

Pull Requests

Pull requests are highly appreciated and welcome!

Please add integration tests for new features to the audit-test application.


Special thanks to all the contributors (in alphabetical order):

Aaron Long
Andrey Zhuchkov
Ankur Tripathi
Burt Beckwith 
Dennie de Lange
Dhiraj Mahapatro
Elmar Kretzer
Fernando Cambarieri
Graeme Rocher
Jorge Aguilera
Juergen Baumann
Madhava Jay
Matthew A Stewart
Paul Taylor
Sebastien Arbogast
Semyon Atamas
Shawn Hartsock
Tom Crossland

Project lead: Robert Oschwald

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